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Sports Motivation

It is a well known fact that success requires a lot of patience and hard work. To achieve this victory the athlete needs to practice and train everyday life. As such they must be sufficiently motivated. Lack of motivation can result in lax in their fitness routine.

One can be motivated in many ways. The researchers explain that the motivation is “a process by which a person use of available resources, time, talent and energy, and distributed so that they choose.” This process is called the theory of personal investment, and it contains a process of cause and effect in two stages. The first step includes the impact of external factors and their influence on how a person looks in a particular situation. In the second stage, individuals considered a personal investment in the situation. The investment is a personal inner drive, desire, intention, or a person has a reaction to external influences. Different athletes have different forms of motivation to continue to focus on a particular sport. It can be fun, fitness, his social relations, or the attainment of goals.

There are two types of motivation, the athletes, a goal or a task to get permits. The first type of extrinsic motivation in sports comes from external influences or people. People are extrinsically motivated, win rewards, social recognition or benefits. The second type of intrinsic motivation is an inherent property that achieved at the internal hard disk to a target or target feed.

Intrinsically motivated people to focus on a new task for itself. You have a sense of self-respect, and fulfill themselves as capable of the demands of a specific task. With the introduction of the Internet there were a number of websites specializing in information about the motivation of sport. These websites also publish a series of sports articles and websites for athletes to motivate.


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